Alexander W. Thompson, Jr. is the son of the late Reverend Alexander Wm. Thompson, Sr. & Mary L. Mason-Thompson of Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania. He is a 3rd generation preacher and comes from a long line of preachers on his fathers side of the family.


     He was born and raised in the church and for the majority of his life, church was a part of his upbringing. In his early teenage years his mother and father divorced which, for an extended period of time, caused his mother to stay away from the church. Living with his mother caused he and his siblings to also shy away from the church. He eventually returned, along with his mother and siblings, becoming active in the youth choir and youth activities. In 1977, Reverend Jerry Wm Dailey of Jacksonville Florida, became the Pastor of First African Baptist Church in Sharon Hill, PA. This had a major impact on his life (and the youth of the church & community). Apostle Thompson was Spirit led, through the ministry of Pastor Daily, to pursue Ministry. Pastor Daily influenced him to go to the HBCU of Mary McCloud Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida which was Pastor Daily’s alma mater. Thanks to the influence of his favorite high school teacher “Mr. Bruce Benson”, he transferred to another HBCU closer to home: Lincoln University, Oxford, PA after his first semester. At Lincoln University in January, 1982, Apostle Thompson gave his life to Jesus Christ and began living a dedicated life for Christ. The College campus was his Christian training ground in his early ministry and he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology in May, 1985. 


   Apostle Thompson has carried the message of Christ and ministered the gospel in various cities across 38 states.  He is known for helping people everywhere understand “Spiritual Warfare,” which has become his main influence. Apostle Thompson has been equipping men and women across the country to come into the knowledge of Christ, walk in their purpose and fulfill their kingdom assignment.


   In 1999 Apostle Thompson pioneered his first church: Ever Abundant Life Church (E.A.L) in Darby, PA. After 24 years of serving faithfully as its leader he is shifting his Spirit led direction. He poured his focus into Alexander Thompson Ministries with EAL as the covering to shepherd God’s people, REACH INITIATIVES to service the people of God and The Spiritual Warfare Academy. His wanted to equip the people of God to lead & successfully battle the enemy. His mission is to convert the non-believer; equip the believer; and advance the Kingdom of God. With more than 40 years of ministry he remains passionate about imparting wisdom, activating gifts, and releasing believers to successfully engage in spiritual warfare. He has 4 beautiful daughters: Alexis, Dallas, Jordan & Jada whom he loves dearly and he resides in his childhood neighborhood of Sharon Hill, PA.